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6 September, 2007

School students join German Chancellor for award ceremony

London school students today joined the Citizenship Foundation to celebrate its award of the 2007 Carl Bertelsmann Prize. The prize was awarded last month for the Foundation's work in engaging young people with their communities.

Students from Phoenix High School join Citizenship Foundation Chairman Maclay Maclay and German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the Bertelsmann Prize award ceremony in Germany.
2007 Carl Bertelsmann Prize award ceremony

Two students from West London were flown to Guetersloh in Germany to join German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the award ceremony.

The students are members of Dolly Movemetz from Phoenix School in West London. Dolly Movementz organise a series of 'open mic' music events to provide training and entertainment for local youth, and participates in the Foundation's Giving Nation Challenge programme.

The Dolly Movementz project was a significant factor in the decision to award the Prize to the Citizenship Foundation.


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