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12 July, 2007

New citizenship programmes of study published

The Qualification and Curriculum Authority today launched the new secondary national curriculum, which includes new programmes of study for Citizenship.

The new programmes of study will be introduced to schools in September 2007, for teaching from September 2008. A new secondary curriculum website will be launched in September. There will then be a three-year period from 2008-2010 for schools to implement the new programmes of study. Share

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From Phil Wilson - Southampton
I have been looking at the ew' citizenship curriculum and wonder how it fits in with the ew' fourth stand on diversity?

From claire - manchester
the new programmes of study are good and im glad we finally have levels. however it would be far easier for involoved if the levels were in child speak - then the pupils know and understand what is expected. I have just rewritten them into child friendly language and it took ages.

From jose aguiar - london
i teach citizenship in a young offenders institution in london. The new curruculum seems to meet some of the learners' needs, however i would like to see a citizenship curriculum that would meet the young offenders needs.i am trying to develop an offender learner programme.i would be very happy to give my contribution to a similar programe.

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