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12 July, 2007

New curriculum focus on economic understanding welcomed

The QCA has today launched the new secondary national curriculum, which will be taught in schools from September 2008.

Chief Executive Tony Breslin said, “We welcome today’s publication of the new citizenship curriculum, and in particular the new focus on diversity and identity and the sustained focus on political literacy.

“We also commend the new status being granted to economic understanding within the citizenship curriculum, and the new non-statutory framework for economic well-being and financial capability.

“If we are to make this work in schools we need to locate issues of macro-economic policy, economic well-being and personal financial capability within a broader framework of economic citizenship.”

Sam Nicholson, who manages the Foundation’s work on economic citizenship said, “It is important that individuals realise their economic and financial choices have a social and political impact, and that they are not simply a set of personal decisions, based purely on financial understanding, advice or mathematical calculation.

“Programmes such as our Giving Nation Challenge project, and our development work with Norwich Union that places financial specialists in the classroom offer some pointers as to how we may take this forward.”


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