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9 July, 2007

G-Week 2007 is here

Giving Nation's G-Week is here! Schools around the country are this week celebrating the power of young people to shape the world through charity action, campaigning, and volunteering. Last year over 2,500 Giving Nation certificates were awarded to young people who had inspired their communities to support a range of causes from voluntary local services to major national and international charities.

“G-week celebrates student-led activities in schools that are bringing their wider communities together to work on important local, national and international issues,” said Andy Thornton, Director of the Participation and Social Action team at the Citizenship Foundation. “Whether that has been through motivating local businesses to support local causes, or setting up their own social enterprises that bring people together from different backgrounds, we have seen schools that are working in very effective partnerships that build long-term commitment to the voluntary sector. It is a demonstration of citizenship in action.”

Schools taking part this year include Barking Abbey College where students will be putting their teachers in stocks on the 11th July, the balloon launch to accompany the event will give away the fact that this is all in the name of raising money for charity.

The Chadsgrove School in Worcestershire has come up with two innovative ways to raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. As well as charging £1 for pavement slabs to be painted, students in the school have been creating a social enterprise which buys and sells flower seeds and donates the profits to charity.

The Channel School in Folkestone will be carrying out a huge range of activities for charitable causes. During G-week they will put on a musical for three days from the 10th - 12th July, and will be selling fair trade goods during the intervals to ensure that local producers in developing countries get paid a fair price for their goods. Their other support for local and international causes ranges from a community walk to collect litter and improve the local environment, to a furniture donation campaign for schools in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda.

Students at the Hereford Technology College in Grimsby are showing how much they care about both local and world issues by holding a ‘rainbow day’ for a school in a Tanzanian village, and in a cause that is closer to home, they are also raising funds for St Andrew’s Hospice.

Plumstead Manor has a very active programme of fundraising and other work for charity. The school has just run a Citizenship Summer fayre at which they showcased work on issues of concern to them, and raised awareness of related charities and their issues to local year 5 and 6 students.

Many schools across the country will also be entering the Giving Nation awards, which highlight the impact of their work for charities through fundraising, campaigning, and establishing social enterprises. Schools entering the 2007 awards have the chance of travelling with Sightsavers through Kenya to find out how the international charity works to prevent and cure blindness.

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