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3 July, 2007

New study explores democratic school governance in Europe

From Student Voice to Shared Responsibility looks at effective practice in democratic school governance in England, Spain, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

The study outlines the different theoretical perspectives underpinning current thinking in this area, combining themes from current literature on student participation with the insights of ‘experts’ in four European countries (England, Spain, Slovenia and the Czech Republic). It identifies a number of areas of practice that have particular significance for democracy learning, and suggests ways in which they might be taken forward in European schools.

The work will help inform the development of a web-based resource on democratic school governance for use by school developers across Europe.

Led by the Citizenship Foundation, the project is a collaboration betweem the German Association of Democratic Education (DeGeDe) and the Regional Association for Integration and Education for Democracy (RAA). It is funded by the Network of European Foundations under the auspices of the Initiative for Learning Democracy in Europe project.

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