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21 June, 2007

Youth Parliament winners attend Holyrood reception

Holyrood National Youth Parliament Competition winners will today be awarded at a high-profile reception at Holyrood, hosted by Presiding Officer Alex Fergusson and First Minister Alex Salmond.

The winners will watch First Minister’s Question Time before attending the awards ceremony in the chamber and a reception in Holyrood.

The annual competition is organised by the Citizenship Foundation and is this year sponsored by the Ministry of Justice and Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People.

In the competition, teams of 12–18 year olds recreate the Scottish parliamentary Debating Chamber in their school, youth group or a local council chamber. Taking the roles of Executive, Opposition and 'backbench' MSPs, they make a 20-minute video of their debate on a mock Bill about a devolved issue.

The four schools attending will be Belmont Academy in Ayrshire, Morrison’s Academy in Perthshire, Marr College in South Ayrshire and Montrose Academy in Angus.


Individual awards (by the First Minister)

• Best Minister – Donald Pritchard (Marr College)

• Joint Best Opposition Spokesperson - John Thompson (Montrose Academy)

• Joint Best Opposition Spokesperson – Alexander Bradley (Belmont Academy)

• Joint Best Backbench MSP – Chloe McKechnie (Belmont Academy)

• Joint Best Backbench MSP – Michael Haggart (Morrison’s Academy)

• Best Presiding Officer – Joanna Wilson (Belmont Academy)

Presiding Officer presents

• Special Awards, awarded by MSPs for individual performances that fell outside the judging criteria:

1) Marianne Inglis (Morrison’s Academy) for a Strong Performance as Presiding Officer

2) Chris Smith (Montrose Academy) for a Well Constructed Speech

3) Paula Murray (Montrose Academy) for Awareness of the Importance of Constituents

4) Lindsay MacDonald (Morrison’s Academy) for Taking Interventions

5) Alex Johnston (Morrison’s) for Good Debating Style and Delivery

Team awards (by the Presiding Officer)

• Morrison’s Academy – National Runners-up

• Belmont Academy – National Winners


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From master debator AKA jamie stewart -
i think that alex johnstone does have a very good technique and that his debating skill should be brought up sometime.his next subject will be on wheather water has a taste and we are pretty sure it does!

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