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23 May, 2007

Government affirms strong support for Citizenship education

“DfES Ministers and Government as a whole remain firmly committed to improving the quality of citizenship education” says the Government’s response to the Education and Skills Select Committee Report published yesterday.

The report details the Government’s plans in response to the 30 recommendations issued by the Committee on 8th March this year.

It states “The Government appreciates the many and wide- ranging benefits that Citizenship education can bring to schools and to individuals and Ministers remain dedicated to realising those benefits in all schools.”

Specifically promising to work "to highlight the importance and benefits of citizenship education to head teachers and the value of having a trained citizenship teacher in the school.”


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From Emelyn Ligasan - Iloilo
this is very timely.... Filipinos nowadays really need citizenship education.... i, myself would like to learn more....

From eldan ormides - san enrique
education is important to us.w/out education we do not know what happend to us,,,and i would like to think to all the teachers that they share to us about learning from the school....

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