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9 August, 2007

Schools sought for new Economic Twinning project

The Citizenship Foundation is still looking for schools in eight areas (Bristol, Eastleigh, Perth, Sheffield, Stevenage, Walsall, Worthing and York) to take part in an exciting new project called the Economics in Schools Twinning Scheme. The scheme is suitable for Year 10 or 11 classes (ages 14-16) and is designed to support and enrich citizenship teaching around economics and finance.

From September 2007, participating schools will be twinned with 4-5 finance professionals who will make two one-hour visits each term over the academic year, 6 in total. During these visits, where the teacher is present, the finance professionals will lead discussion-based sessions on economics and finance with small groups of students.

The scheme will form part of a wider economic citizenship programme from the Citizenship Foundation, including a series of regional events and web based resources featuring lesson plans, resources, forums and interactive games.

The regional events will allow students from each participating school to use the skills they have learnt during their twinning sessions to investigate and debate a local economic problem with a panel of local experts such as MP’s, local councillors or members of the community.

The Economics in Schools Twinning Scheme will deliver aspects of the statutory Citizenship curriculum at key stage 4 including:

~how the economy functions, including the role of business and financial services;

~the rights and responsibilities of consumers, employers and employees;

~the importance of playing an active part in democratic processes;

~encouraging students to express, justify and defend orally and in writing a personal opinion about such issues, problems or events;

~enabling students to contribute to group and exploratory class discussions, and take part in formal debates.

It will also:

~Bring interesting issues about money, finance and economics into the classroom, illustrating their relevance to everyday life

~Promote stimulating and thought-provoking debate

~Offer an insight into life outside the students’ environment through the opportunity to meet professionals in familiar surroundings and discover that they can communicate on the same level.

~Integrate into PSHE, English, Maths or Citizenship, at the school’s discretion.

To find out more please email:

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From Nicky Glendinning - Goudhurst Kent
Any chance this twinning scheme will be coming to the south east? I think it is a great idea and would love to see it piloted at my sons' school.Nicky

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