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31 January, 2007

Foundation launches new anti-racism project

The Citizenship Foundation has launched a new project aimed at developing new ways to approach race-related issues in the classroom.

Don Rowe, Director of Curriculum Resources said “Research carried out by the Citizenship Foundation in 2002, revealed that a number of strategies are commonly used by teachers to address issues of race (‘Education for Citizenship and Race Equality’), but there was little evidence of the use of ‘open-ended enquiry-based’ approaches, which can acknowledge that the term ‘racism’ is problematic and subject to many different interpretations and forms.

"The new materials will be essentially exploratory and explanatory in nature and will aim to allow students to develop their understanding without feeling preached at. Race relations have been on the back burner for schools for some time. It’s now time for a fresh look.“

If you would like to be kept in touch with this project as it develops, or make a contribution, please contact Don Rowe at the Foundation.

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