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22 January, 2007

Run your own Mock Trial

Did you miss the chance to enter one of our Mock Trial Competitions this year? Don’t worry; you can still download our free resource: 'Running a Mock Trial' and set up your own classroom court case.

Cover image of 'Running a Mock Trial'.

Both Channel 4 and the BBC are running programmes documenting a mock trial, designed to raise public awareness about the legal system and court process, but getting pupils to participate in a live format helps pupils explore the legal aspects of the citizenship curriculum at Key Stages 3 and 4 in a fun and innovative way.

‘Running a Mock Trial’ contains a full guide and materials for teachers, participants and organisers wanting to run a mock trial based on either a Crown Court or a Magistrates’ Court. It contains full information on the criminal justice system, procedures, and a specially prepared case. It also contains suggestions for two smaller scale activities, around the issues of considering the evidence and sentencing.

Teachers or organisers don’t need to have detailed knowledge of the law or the criminal justice system before using this resource.

Entering a Mock Trial Competition next year (2007-2008):

• The Bar Mock Trial Competition (15-18) will be accepting entries from May/June 2007

• The Magistrates’ Court Mock Trial Competition (12-14) from July - Autumn 2007.

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