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22 January, 2007

Alan Johnson calls for Citizenship classes to address intolerance

The Citizenship Foundation welcomes the fact that citizenship teachers are going to be asked to address issues of diversity, justice and tolerance within the national curriculum, as proposed by Alan Johnson at the weekend.

Tony Breslin, Chief Executive of the Citizenship Foundation said “The Foundation has always argued that the citizenship curriculum is the right place for this kind of work. Many young people welcome the chance to think about these complex issues and become more informed about them.”

“However”, he continued, “it is vital to ensure that suitable training and good quality resources are made available to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to address complex and sensitive issues."

The Citizenship Foundation is currently developing educational programmes to enable young people of different faiths to explore their own traditions, values and beliefs in atmospheres of respect and understanding. This is in line with one of our key aims to build an inclusive and coherent society of which all of us can feel a part.

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