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8 December, 2006

Call for Youth Act Advisory Group Members

Do you think you could contribute to the development, fundraising, media campaigns and general support of Youth Act? As Youth Act goes national, we are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled group of people to make up an advisory group. If you are interested in campaigning, or have experience of national or local youth participation projects, community regeneration, working for safer communities, youth services, or similar, read on to find out how you can get involved to help us to support campaigns that really make a difference.

A consultation event we held in October recommended we need people to advise us on:

• Developing the Youth Act programme;

• Fundraising;

• Media;

• Getting the campaigners’ voices heard;

• Recruitment

• Arts

• Sport

• IT skills

They need to:

• Be ambassadors for Youth Act

• Be active

• Give advice - not management

• Assist in decision-making

• Offer creativity

• Help decide what is realistic

• Identify needs

• Be a critical friend

• Keep people in touch more regularly

• Have experience of similar projects

• Be specialists e.g. in fundraising/media/politics

What does a committee member gain from being a member?

• Personal development

• Networking and training opportunities

• Responsibility for change and development

• Feel good factor

• An ethos of team building

• A learning /educational experience

• Peer training

An expert with particular skills may be invited to certain meetings. We hope to have a majority of young people in the advisory group.

If you are interested in joining the advisory group or discussing it, please contact Damilola Bamidele:

Further information

To find out more please email:

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