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29 September, 2006

FREE PRU teaching materials to support citizenship

The Citizenship Foundation is pleased to launch our new teaching materials "Citizenship Challenge" a citizenship resource for pupil referral units available on our website free of charge.

Author Ted Huddleston explained that this is an area of citizenship education which until now was without specific resources. He said,“Students in PRUs are more likely than most to feel alienated from society and citizenship issues and less likely to see themselves as citizens with a role to play. A major aim of these materials is to help them to feel more connected with society, that it is as much their society as anyone else’s and that they are entitled to have a say in it: Young people excluded from school are just as much citizens as anyone else and entitled to good quality, challenging citizenship education.“

Citizenship Challenge allows students to think about, discuss and find out more about what it is to be a citizen today to encourage them to connect with society and feel that they are citizens in their own right, with rights and responsibilities and the ability to make a difference both to their own lives and to the lives of others.

Written in collaboration with PRU teachers and managers, the materials make up a series of activities which teachers can dip into,to encourage students to begin to think about and express their opinions about citizenship issues in a group or one-to-one situation.

While created specifically for use in Pupil Referral Units, Citizenship Challenge will also be useful in mainstream and other forms of education.

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