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31 August, 2006

Developing Citizens

An authoritative new collection of key papers on citizenship education has just been published. “Developing Citizens: A comprehensive Introduction to Effective Citizenship Education in the Secondary School”, is edited by the Citizenship Foundation’s Tony Breslin and Barry Dufour from DeMontford University.

Cover of 'Developing Citizens'.

The book features contributions from leading specialists at the Citizenship Foundation, ACT and ATSS and is ideal to be used alongside “Making Sense of Citizenship: A CPD Handbook”.

Set out in six sections, chapters cover a range of established subjects as well as specific Citizenship related themes. It addresses the need to establish Citizenship as a National Curriculum subject, an aspect of school culture, and a means of engaging the school with the wider community. It also considers the use of a range of curriculum models and assesses the contribution that practitioners from different subject areas can make to the delivery of Citizenship.

The editors explain that the book addresses both aspects of the word ‘developing’ used in the title: the adjective, ‘describing school students who are growing and learning as citizens and who are already citizens under various laws and agreements, and the verb, referring to the active responsibility of the school to enable, encourage and educate school students for citizenship. They say, “The book makes a clear case for the rights and responsibilities that school students do, or should have conferred on them, while exploring how their citizenship awareness can be developed by a plethora of strategies and approaches to teaching and the broader school.” Adding, “Let us continue to argue about how Citizenship Education is best done and what it might include rather than contest whether it should exist at all.”

“This book is a unique compendium of information and ideas that teachers will find of great help in this far from easy but overwhelmingly important task of education. This book will also tell members of the public what it is all about.” Sir Bernard Crick

“As a partner text to the recently published CPD handbook there can be no better companion.” Chris Waller, ACT

“Developing Citizens: A comprehensive Introduction to Effective Citizenship Education in the Secondary School”, is available from Hodder Murray, priced £25 with a percentage of the royalties going to the Citizenship Foundation.

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