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25 August, 2006

Wanted: 100 primary schools to trial an exciting new project

The Citizenship Foundation is currently developing an exciting new programme for use in primary schools called ‘Go-Givers’ which will be launched next April.

Aimed at Primary Schools (KS1-2), Go-Givers is designed (and referenced) to tie into both the citizenship curriculum as well as the wider primary curriculum. It aims specifically to promote ideas of charity and empathy amongst 4-11 year olds through active participation.

We are currently looking for approximately 100 primary schools to trial the project during the autumn term, before we launch it in April 2007. Go-Givers is designed to be used on an interactive whiteboard, and includes a number of bespoke electronic features. It features humorous, simply written stories, which tackle issues directly affecting children.

It is simple to use with a wide range of learning materials for teachers, activities for children, such as the opportunity to make their own cartoon featuring a brand new team of characters which appear in animation throughout the site, and a section for parents containing interesting articles. Parents will also receive printed materials, and will be invited to get involved directly in the project.

Towards the end of the Autumn term, teachers and participating children will be asked to complete a short, simple proforma, to hear their views on the project.

If schools are interested in taking part in the trial, we would need to be contacted as early as possible in this Autumn term, preferably within the first two weeks, so that teachers have enough time to become fully acquainted with the materials.

Interested schools should contact Marguerite Heath, Project Manager for Go-Givers at marguerite.heath@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk

Tel: 020 756 641448 Share

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