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25 July, 2006

Youth Act! national roll-out

We are now keen to find new partners throughout England, to create a national Youth Act network by running Train the Trainers programmes in partnership with statutory and voluntary organisations.

It is envisaged that the Youth Act programme will be introduced at a regional level by, for example, a local manager of Children’s services or New Deal for Communities; an LEA Adviser or a head of a Police Safer Schools Partnership who sees the benefit Youth Act can bring to their local area which could be in an LEA, or through more than one District Council, a group of towns and parishes.

A team of ten people from this local area would be brought together for training in how to train young people in the specialist nature of the Youth Act programme. As well as enabling community action suited to each area, the - individuals involved will improve their skills in, and approach, to active citizenship in general.

So, for example, a regional youth participation worker would fund the participation of 10 local, professional youth workers who would then set up, run and train Youth Act groups made up of young people they are already working with.

The roll-out proposal offers:

- The growth of a national body of experience and influence in youth social action, informed by local activity;

- A national ‘hub’ agency providing core materials and support to local groups;

- A nationwide training facility offering area-based Youth Act training for local adults working with young people;

- A website providing profile, networking and support for young people and adults involved in local Youth Act groups;

- A national gathering for Youth Act affiliates developing eventually into a ‘youth organisation’ to serve the youth-led needs of the programme;

- An adult supporters network, to share good practice, gather advice etc

- A core of dedicated Youth Act ‘graduates’ with additional training opportunities.

The nature of the contract between the local area and the Citizenship Foundation can be tailored to suit the needs of the agency involved and the practicalities of local delivery. A standard package would involve the local area entering into a one year contract for £10,000, for which they would receive:

- Five days of formal support, advice and guidance (face-to-face) in the local area;

- A Taster session offering a sample of the Youth Act approach for up to 40 adults and young people who are interested in joining;

- Two days orientation and ‘Train-the-Trainers’ training for ten people e.g. youth workers, Connexions PAs, Learning Mentors, working in the local area to enable them to set up, run and train Youth Act groups;

- 12 copies of the Youth Act training manual, and examples of evaluation methods e.g. the National Youth Agency’s ‘What’s Changed’ tool.

- Resources and materials for use by the Youth Act groups such as copies of How to be a Community Champion by Michael Norton;

- One day Refresher training, and a formal opportunity to share practice and experience, mid way through the contract (for the ten people who attend the ‘Train-the-Trainers’);

- On-going informal support, advice and guidance e.g. about fundraising by phone during and after the period of the contract;

- The opportunity for Youth Act groups to receive national and local publicity, further training and to enter awards schemes, join other youth boards etc;

- The opportunity for Youth Act groups to attend an annual, national gathering.

If you would like to discuss joining the Youth Act national roll-out, please contact Carrie Supple (details below).

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