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4 July, 2006

Youth Act! goes east

Two new groups have joined the Youth Act! family. A group of 17 students from George Mitchell School and 16 students from Willowfield School took their position as the newest Youth Act! groups.

Youth Act! logo.

Based in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, both groups of students wanted to improve their local community by trying to change some of the negative issues that they saw affecting the lives of members of their community.

Youth Act! offers a training programme that includes six training sessions and a weekend residential to help the groups look at the various issues in their community, pick a campaign issue, plan to effect a political change on that issue and build a strong and effective team to carry that out.

Both groups have chosen to tackle the issue of knife crime in Waltham Forest and they will find support from local and London-wide groups who challenge knife crime, like Defending Da Hood.

“It is unusual for two Youth Act! groups to have the same campaign issue but it is really powerful because it shows how much this issue affects not just young people but adults throughout this borough”, Ade Sofola, Youth Act Trainer

Training sessions are held after school, with the students and two supportive adults (members of staff from the school).

“I have learned how to help and to change my community” (Natasha, 13.)

“The training is using the opinions and all the things that the students are passionate about to do something positive to communicate these messages better.

The learning they are doing about problem solving and conflict resolution are great skills that will benefit them and they will take to other situations too.”

(Jill Winstanley, teacher George Mitchell School.)

Check out the project pages for how their campaigns progress!

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