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6 April, 2006

Citizenship Foundation to give oral evidence to the Education and Skills Select Committee

The Education and Skills Select Committee will be meeting on 26th April where the Citizenship Foundation has been invited to give oral evidence to the Committee’s inquiry into Citizenship education after submitting written evidence at the end of March.

The inquiry is looking into the current state of play for Citizenship Education and recommendations. In particular it is examining:

• Attitudes to citizenship education;

• Training;

• The relationship between citizenship education and debates about identity and Britishness; and

• The potential of citizenship education in contributing to community cohesion.

Amongst our 27 recommendations, we are urging both Ofsted to give special attention to the status accorded to Citizenship when inspecting schools, and Ministers to ensure that a higher status is given to Citizenship Education.

We have outlined the need for every secondary school inspection team to include a trained specialist inspector by 2008 and for every secondary school to have at least one trained Citizenship specialist by 2010. Our submission stresses the need for a central Strategy for Teaching and Learning in Citizenship.

We have also highlighted the role of the Citizenship curriculum in nurturing a proper concern for how local, national and international communities operate and how school activities based around volunteering and charitable activities should be positioned in relation to the Citizenship curriculum.


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