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29 March, 2006

Public legal education task force goes online

The PLEAS Task Force website went live last week. The PLEAS (Public Legal Education And Support) Task Force is an independent body set up to develop proposals for how to promote and improve public legal education in our society.

Public legal education provides people with awareness, knowledge and understanding of rights and legal issues, together with the confidence and skills they need to deal with disputes and gain access to justice.

For one year from January 2006 the Task Force will be developing a comprehensive definition of PLEAS, making the case for PLEAS as widely as possible, and making specific proposals for how the development of PLEAS can be enabled effectively.

Public legal education works to ensure that people are aware of their legal rights and responsibilities and can recognise where the law can provide a remedy, that they understand key legal issues and processes, that they have the confidence and skills deal with their problems, and that they know where to go to get help.

The Task Force was set up following publication of the discussion paper 'Towards a national strategy for public legal education' by the Citizenship Foundation, the Advice Services Alliance and the Legal Action Group. It is supported by the Department for Constitutional Affairs.


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