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23 February, 2006

Free CPD guides and training

A new handbook and free training have been developed for those involved in teaching and managing citizenshp education.

The handbook - 'Making Sense of Citizenship' - is a practical, comprehensive guide for anyone involved in the teaching or management of citizenship education in the primary, secondary and post-16 phases.

It has advice on alternative methods of delivery, teaching and learning strategies, assessment and reporting, and management and review, as well as detailed training exercises and suggestions for professional development.

Although retailing at 25, pertinent chapters have been made available as free downloads (link below).

An accompanying series of free events are taking place around the country (link below). These two-part training courses have been specially designed by leading experts in the field of Citizenship education for Citizenship Co-ordinators, ASTs, Inspectors and Advisers.


The handbook was Developed by the Citizenship Foundation and the Association for Citizenship Teaching, in association with Citized, DfES, QCA, LSDA and Ofsted.


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