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20 December, 2005

Youth Act scoops BT awards

On 7 December BT, in partnership with the UK Youth Parliament, held an awards ceremony for young community activists.

Youth Act! logo.

The young people were the national winners of the Seen and Heard 3 competition which celebrates young people who speak out about issues of concern to the community.

BT’s Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, Adrian Hosford stated how young people are more informed than ever today about the important issues of health,

racism and politics.

The competition highlighted that decisions made about these issues are often made by adults, even though young people are ready, willing and able to contribute to a positive future.

Caroline Boswell, Head of Children and Young People’s Unit at the GLA, was also present at the ceremony to add her support to the 15 national winners being acknowledged.

It is with great pride that Youth Act! can announce we have had the pleasure of working with two of these exceptional groups:

Make a Change: Stonebridge Road Estate group, Tottenham

‘Make a Change’ campaigned for regeneration of their community with street cleaning, regular waste collection and the development of sports facilities. Heading up the group for this campaign was Jordan who said, 'Our voice is very big now and we are all proud of what we have achieved'.

Becoming a National winner of the BT Seen and Heard competition is only the latest recognition their campaign has received after ‘The Phillip Lawrence Award for

Active Citizenship’, the ‘Wavemakers Award’ and a ‘London Week of Peace Award’.

Anti-Bullying Massif (ABM): Central School for Boys, Islington

Youth Act!’s second winner of the night was Ben, who was spokesperson for the Anti-Bullying Massif. Insisting that the award was for the whole group, he explained,

'Massif is street language for organisation, but we have also had a massive effect.

Due to the success of their campaign to confront bullying in their school, they have been running workshops for head teachers at the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) anti-bullying conferences and are now poised to help the British Council’s attempt to establish international links with other anti-bullying initiatives

around the globe.

Youth Act Gladesmore Community School’s group Value Life campaigned against gun crime in Tottenham and were regional winders.

Beverley Hughes MP, Minister for Children, Young People and Families, added to the praise saying 'I applaud the inspiring efforts of these young people. Seen and Heard 3 highlights the fact that children and young people can and should be able to contribute more to the Nation’s present and future'.

So a huge congratulation goes out to all the winners once again, but, especially to our friends at Make a Change, Anti-Bullying Massif and Value Life - Keep up your outstanding work!

The Youth Act! Team.

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