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15 November, 2005

New primary schools charity education project

The Citizenship Foundation today announced plans to create a nationwide primary programme to develop a culture of giving in the UK.

Giving Nation logo.

Funded by the Home Office the project will build on the success of Giving Nation, which has reached more than 70% of UK secondary schools with its inspirational programme of education in charitable giving and volunteering to help others.

This new initiative will extend to all primary age children the opportunity to understand the value and role of charities, and create a framework to inspire and support pupils’ own charitable and voluntary activity.

A first phase will shape the content of the programme through extensive research with children, teachers, LEA and training staff, unions and charities that already work with primary schools.

“This is a great opportunity to create a complementary programme to Giving Nation", said Andy Thornton, project director of Giving Nation.

"We have the chance to make sure that the next generation of young people understands how society harnesses people’s sense of fairness and good will, and how they can contribute to that."

Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, said: "The decision to donate, like the decision to volunteer, is a private one, but we are determined to do all we can to make it as easy as possible for those who want to contribute to do so. In this way we hope to develop a culture where charitable giving is a natural part of everyone's life."

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