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5 October, 2005

Young people awarded for making a change

Young people from across the UK converged on the Museum of London on 4 October 2005 with a powerful challenge to set values, human rights and responsibilities at the heart of the social, political and educational agenda.

The young presenters supported their case with examples of innovative projects from their schools, colleges, and youth organisations.

‘We are really impressed by the energy, creativity and commitment of the young impetus award participants’, commented Adam Short, impetus England Coordinator.

They have been tackling tough and practical issues. Some have addressed community relations in their schools and communities. For example, one project team questioned the arms traders on their school perimeter and others have tackled teenage and adult violence.

Sheila Bloom, chief executive of the Institute for Global Ethics UK Trust, said of this year’s projects: “Creative and innovative responses to contemporary, challenging and contested issues in our society lie at the heart of the impetus programme. Never has the vision of impetus seemed more relevant or important to our world than it does today.”

impetus, established in 2002 as a unique partnership awards programme in the UK, was itself short listed for the Human Rights Award 2004 by Liberty, JUSTICE and the Law Society, “for innovative and crucial work bringing human rights to young people across the UK, educating and inspiring them to promote values of dignity, equality and fairness” and “for imaginative work uniting young people from diverse backgrounds, and making a significant contribution to developing a culture of respect for human rights.”

Lord Phillips of Sudbury, Chair of the impetus National Advisory Panel believes, “the importance of programmes like this in an age of unparalleled disconnectedness, ideological tensions and institutional mistrust cannot be exaggerated. I hope that more and more participants and partners will join impetus during 2005/06”.


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