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8 September, 2005

Tony Breslin on voter registration, Radio 5 Live

A recent Electoral Commission report identified non-registration as a serious electoral issue. On Tuesday Tony Breslin, Citizenship Foundation CEO, spoke to residents in North London about their attitudes to voter registration as part of a piece on BBC Radio Five's 'Drive' programme.

Mugshot of Tony Breslin.
Tony Breslin, Citizenship Foundation Chief Executive

The feature discussed the Electoral Commission report 'Understanding electoral registration', published on Tuesday. The Commission sees the electoral registration process as the lynchpin of the electoral system and, as such, it is vital that we have robust evidence on the extent of non-registration. The report also includes a detailed analysis of the reasons for non-registration today.

Knocking on doors in Neasden, North London, Mr Breslin's mission was to find out whether people were registered to vote, and if not, why not. In an interview which followed, the focus was on the credibility of politics and whether it is bad news when not many people are registered to vote.

Mr Breslin believed that people are interested in political issues within their communities, citing one of the Citizenship Foundation's successful young people's projects Youth Act, which trains young people to lobby their local councils to change issues which affect them. What he re-inforces we must change is an interest in Westminster village politics, in other words, an interest in the longer-term establishment of political processes.


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