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8 July, 2005

Support for tackling controversial issues

Issues such as the London bombings and the G8 summit will arouse fears and concerns in pupils, to which schools will naturally want to respond.

The Citizenship Foundation has developed a couple of resources to help teachers understand their legal position, and how they tackle such issues appropriately.

'Controversial issues: guidance for schools' addresses a number of prevalent issues: young people’s fear and concerns; how should schools respond; what can teachers do to avoid unfairly influencing pupils; what kind of values may legitimately be taught in school; to what extent is it legitimate for teachers to take part in protest; what attitude should schools take to pupil involvement in protest and campaigns; and the importance of citizenship education.

'Citizenship teaching: the legal context' attempts to provide an overview of legislation relevant to the teaching of citizenship in the classroom and to related off-site activities.


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