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3 April, 2003

Citizenship is important say school students

A recent survey by the Young National Children's Bureau has found that 70 of secondary students think citizenship lessons are important.

The poll also reported that 'debates and group?projects' were among the favourite teaching methods an endorsement for the Citizenship Foundation's approach to active learning, particularly the Bar and Magistrates' Court Mock Trials and the National Youth Parliament Competition. 393 young people took part in the survey and answered questions on whether they have Citizenship lessons in school, what they think they will learn in Citizenship lessons, and how they think Citizenship lessons should be taught. 213 felt that the lessons were quite important, while 62 felt they were very important. The most popular methods of delivering Citizenship education were through the use of videos and cd-roms, group projects and presentations, and debates and role-plays. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the least favoured method of delivery was through written work and essays, with 246 young people saying that this teaching method should probably not be used. Share

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