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29 April, 2005

Young people win a flock of poultry

Ever won something as mad as a brood of chickens or a swarm of bees? Two schools have done just that.

Forrester High School in Edinburgh has won a flock of poultry (70 hens and a cockerel) for the 'best events calendar' on the G-Nation website, and Colchester County High School for Girls has won a bee-hive for 'best photo'.

Of course the prizes don't actually become school pets, but are instead distributed to those who need them. The poultry will go to a family in Uganda and the beehive to a family in Lesotho, helping to improve the diets and income opportunities of people in poor communities.

G-Nation (www.g-nation.co.uk) is tapping into the creative side of young people, by asking them to create content on the G-Nation website.

Each month until G-Week (2-8 July), G-Nation will award the best entry for categories such as coolest photo, best events calendar, best charity plans and most innovative charity activity.

As an incentive to tell the world what they do for charity or their local community, some other interesting prizes are up for grabs: a sewing machine and training, to give the gift of independence to a woman; a pig, to provide income for a family and new life to exhausted soil; a flock of sheep, to help a family in Senegal to earn a lasting income; two teachers' desks, to help a school in Africa; tools, training and materials to build a fish pond in Tanzania; and 100 fruit trees to improve the vegetable and fruit yields of an Ethiopian farmer.

The prizes are from Send A Cow and World Vision, and will make a big difference to someone living in Africa.

World Vision (www.worldvision.org.uk) and Send A Cow (www.sendacow.org.uk) buy animals, facilities and training for people in some of the world‘s poorest communities to help make their way out of poverty.

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