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19 April, 2005

Schools to develop 'citizenship manifestos'

The Citizenship Foundation has been awarded a grant of almost £160,000 to develop 'citizenship manifestos' with secondary schools.

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The award has been made by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and is for developing and trialling the 'manifestos' with up to 12 schools.

‘Citizenship manifestos’, originated by the Citizenship Foundation’s chief executive Tony Breslin, aim to bring coherence to the citizenship curriculum for 11-16 year olds.

The manifesto is a concise synopsis of both the school’s citizenship programme and its citizenship values, as well as a tool to review and improve existing provision.

The approach will help schools to meet the challenge of delivering excellent citizenship education across the board: a core curriculum supported by cross curricular and off timetable activity, pupil participation and community involvement.

Unique to each school, the manifestos will be shaped by pupils, teachers, parents and community partners.

“We are delighted to have received funding for this exciting new project," said Tony Breslin.

"We already know that, where Citizenship is strongly resourced and well taught, it is both effective and popular, but we also know that schools sometimes find it difficult to identify and bring together the various aspects of Citizenship Education within one coherent framework.

"A manifesto approach seeks to address this need,” he said.

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