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14 March, 2005

Citizenship education update for parents and governors

All schools in England covering key stages 3 or 4 have been sent free copies of a specially made video and leaflets aimed at school governors and parents.

The leaflet "Citizenship Education in Your School" and video "Making a Success of Citizenship Education" update governors on how schools are introducing citizenship education effectively.

The video features brief extracts of activities in schools which exemplify some of the current best practice in citizenship education.

It includes examples of how schools are systematically providing opportunities for all students to develop skills of participation and responsible action. Students discuss the benefits these can bring to the school as a whole; practising teachers highlight the important links between citizenship as experienced through the ethos and culture of the school, and what is taught in the classroom.

The key messages are that citizenship is both 'taught' and 'caught' through the curriculum, the culture and the community of the school. There should always be consistency between the methods and the message.

The video could be used in governors’ training sessions and meetings, and in other settings to illustrate best practice to parents, teachers or other members of the community.

Also included in the distribution was a leaflet aimed at parents and carers: "Introducing Citizenship" outlines the nature and rationale for Citizenship as part of the National Curriculum.

The leaflets can be downloaded below.

Limited copies of the leaflets and videos can also be obtained free of charge from the DfES Citizenship Team (email at bottom of this page).


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