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23 November, 2004

Ministerial support for global citizenship education

Global citizenship education has been given the support of the Education Secretary, along with the vision that very school in England should be 'twinned' with an overseas school overseas within the next five years.

Charles Clarke, International Strategy for Education, Skills and Children's Services, wants to equip children and adults for life in a global society and work in a global economy.

His 'International Strategy for Education, Skills and Children's Services', announced last week, aims to ensure a strong international dimension across the UK education system, develop stronger links between

the education systems in England and other countries, and offer programmes of educational support to developing nations.

Mr Clarke said:

"Our vision is that the people of the UK should have the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to fulfil themselves, to live in and contribute effectively to a global society and to work in a competitive, global economy. It means, in short, putting the world into the world class standards to which we aspire.

"This begins with understanding the world in which we live, the values and cultures of different societies, and the ways in which we are increasingly dependent upon one another. One cannot truly educate young people in this country without the international dimension being a very

significant and real part of their learning experience."


The Citizenship Foundation will be hosting a seminar on 'Global citizenship: out there, or right here?' on 3 November, as part of its ongoing First Friday series.


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