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17 November, 2004

Ofsted states Citizenship Initial Teacher Training 'is good'

The new Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) report Initial teacher training for teachers of citizenship 2003/2004 states that trainees are well qualified. The aim of the report was to identify the quality of training, issues for providers and policymakers and highlight examples of good practice.

The report finds courses that focus exclusively on citizenship tend to be more successful. However, where citizenship is combined with another subject, providers find it very difficult to allocate enough time to citizenship specifically.

The report also suggested that there are good employment prospects for newly qualified citizenship teachers with many being offered jobs soon after they qualify.

Yet, a key concern for inspectors is that there needs to be a shared understanding of what trainees need to know to teach citizenship effectively and there must be a more cohesive approach to courses rather than tutors using their own particular perspective.

The report asks the Teacher Training Agency (TTA) to consider:

- allocating numbers for citizenship to allow providers to offer viable standalone subject specific training

- working with providers to define the body of knowledge required

- using the outcomes of inspection to identify and disseminate good practice in training to teach citizenship

- publicising the career prospects for newly qualified teachers of citizenship.


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