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20 October, 2004

Youth Act! Residential training weekend

On 15 October young people from London took part in a residential weekend to learn the skills to run local community projects. Seyi, from Southwark Youth Council, reports on the experience.

The weekend was excellent. We arrived there [Trafford Hall] late Friday night kind of feeling tired but as soon as I got settled I started to relax and have fun.

The first training session that took place on Friday night was not as intense which was quite cool as it gave us time to get to know each other and the trainers better plus we had a better overview of how the weekend was going to be played out.

After that, the training went well, we had our ups and downs which is to be expected with such a large group but all in all it was fantastic.

I learnt so many new skills I know will help me as a person not just as a member of an organisation.

I made new friends and I even got to know the friends I already had a lot better.

Thanks Youth Act for giving me the peace of mind that it is safe and will be worthwhile to go through the window of opportunity.

- Seyi, Southwark Youth Council

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