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20 September, 2004

Draft CPD handbook chapters published for reviewing

Draft chapters from Making Sense of Citizenship, a forthcoming DfES handbook for Continuing Professional Development in Citizenship teaching, were published today on the Citizenship Foundation website.

Teachers are encouraged to download the drafts for trial and to feedback to the author (details at bottom of page).

The aim of the handbook is to explain what citizenship education is and what it involves in everyday practice, in a range of settings from schools and colleges to youth and community work, vocational training and the workplace.

The handbook sets out essential information and offers clear guidance on key issues such as meeting statutory requirements, curriculum planning, learning and teaching, continuity and progression, review and evaluation, preparing for inspection and staff development.

It is illustrated by practical examples and case studies, and contains questions and training exercises designed to stimulate and encourage reflection on practice either at an individual or an institutional level.

While primarily focusing on citizenship education in schools, the handbook has general application to anyone involved in teaching, leading or promoting citizenship education, whether in formal or non-formal settings.

Making Sense of Citizenship is being produced collaboratively by the Citizenship Foundation and the Department for Education and Skills.

Four draft chapters are currently available. They are:

* Chapter 1: Spelling it out (What is citizenship?)

* Chapter 2: Citizenship in the curriculum (secondary schools)

* Chapter 6: Approaches to learning and teaching.

* Chapter 8: Citizenship through other subjects (secondary schools)

To find out more about the handbook, send feedback on chapters currently available or make suggestions for future inclusion, contact Ted Huddleston (ted.huddleston@citizenshipfoundation.org.uk).

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