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5 July, 2004

100,000 pupils vote in mock elections

On 5 June 100,000 school pupils in England and Wales voted in mock elections organised by the Hansard Society, the Electoral Commission and the Department for Education and Skills. The results are now in.

Single issues appear to matter most to young people. The Green Party picked up a substantial share of the vote, gaining twelve seats against their two seats in the real election. The Respect Party also did a lot better in the mock election, gaining three seats.

The interest in single issues was even more apparent at local level, as the Green Party cleaned up at the local elections. Yorkshire youngsters proved tthe most radical by electing the Monster Raving Loony Party to Leeds City Council.

Although students in London mirrored adult voters by re-electing Ken Livingstone as Mayor, the Green Party’s Darren Johnson came a close second.

Launched in April, the Y Vote 2004 Mock Elections aims to give pupils a first hand insight into how voting and the democratic process work.

400 schools across England and Wales took part in the elections, giving 100,000 pupils a hands-on experience of using their vote.

Beccy Earnshaw, Outreach Manager at The Electoral Commission said: “The high number of schools taking part in the Y Vote 2004 Mock Elections shows that more and more young people are becoming involved in the democratic process at a young age, giving them a greater understanding of the electoral and political system.”

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