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30 June, 2004

Schools are wrongly asked for 8-level assessment


It has been brought to our attention that the School Record Form has wrongly asked schools to report on citizenship using the standard 8-level scale.

In fact there is no 8-level assessment scale for Citizenship. An incorrect version of the form was sent to schools in error (see note from QCA below).

Schools returning the hard copy of the form should simply leave the citizenship section blank. Confirmation is obtainable from the helpdesk of the Data Collection Agency on 01709 704699.

A correct version of the form in question (School Record Form, non-core subjects) is accessible to schools online at www.qcaupdate.com under the KS3 menu (DfES number and PIN required).

It seems there are some colleagues still under the impression that the request for an 8-level assessment is correct, so do pass the message on by whatever means you have available. You could save someone a great deal of unnecessary work.


QCA correction

The following is taken from the QCA's current Citizenship and PSHE Update:

"QCA has received queries from a number of schools about the inclusion of citizenship on this year’s data collection forms (SRF). This was an error; citizenship should not have been included on this form.

"Citizenship has no 8 level scale. Citizenship has an end of key stage description. For all pupils completing Year 9, teachers are required to make a judgement about performance against the end of key stage description. QCA suggests using the categories – working towards, working at and working beyond – to describe attainment. Schools should keep a record of this for each pupil. Schools do not have to submit any information about citizenship to the DCA.

"Schools are also required to report on progress and achievement in citizenship to parents each year. They can choose whether or not to include the teacher assessment result in this report."


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