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20 September, 2012

Free handbook helps young people and politicians tackle climate change together

Young people will face the effects of climate change, politicians will make decisions about it. Our handbook shows real examples of how they can work together effectively.

The handbook is written by Plan UK, the Citizenship Foundation and the Partners Bulgaria Foundation. It draws on experience from our joint project, Make the Link - Climate exChange. The handbook includes contributions from young people in the six participating countries. 

It shows how young people, educators and decision-makers can work together to tackle climate change, and why they should.

Make the Link ran for three years. It involved 36,000 young people from Europe and Africa. 

The programme promoted learning, dialogue and action on climate change issues. Six countries were involved: Bulgaria, Malawi, Kenya, Senegal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. 

The new handbook is our way of sharing what we learned. We hope it will motivate more decision-makers and young people, and help them work together meaningfully. 

It is in two sections. The first looks at how and why young people and decision-makers must work more closely together on climate change. It looks at the issues from both points of view.

The second section looks at case studies from the programme. It shows some of the ways that participants worked successfully with decision-makers.

Alongside the handbook is a new campaign. It asks members of the European Parliament to sign a declaration that says young people should have more say in decisions about green issues. Email Jessica Douthwaite for more about the declaration.

Download the handbook [pdf] 


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