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23 February, 2012

90-second film challenge: win a trip to India!

Is your school involved in charitable work? Yes? Then we challenge you to promote it in 90 seconds!

We challenge 11-16 year-old students to make a short film about their charity work.

If your school involves its students in charitable schemes or social enterprise, we think they deserve a break.

A Giving Nation winner meet children in GambiaLast year we sent winning students to The Gambia. This year your students could win a trip to India.

Just get them to show us what they've done.

How did they win the hearts and minds of their school and local community?

Did they take part in daredevil stunts, win a million Facebook friends, take over a local radio programme? We want the world to know!

Have they learned anything interesting? Have they got new skills? We want the world to know that too.

The competition complements our Giving Nation programme, so join it now!

Your project must be part of class lessons.

Your students' short film must be no longer than 90 seconds. It can be shot on whatever they have to hand, be that an expensive TV camera or a humble mobile phone.

If they win we shall send them to see Raleigh International's work in India.

The G-Video competition closes on Friday 20 July.

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