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3 March, 2004

14-19: Tomlinson's interim report and Citizenship education

Ahead of his final report due in September, Mike Tomlinson last week published an Interim Report on the future of 14-19 education. In it he proposes the positioning of existing and new qualifications within a personalised diploma framework, which will include Citizenship.

The new framework would have a common skills-based core comprising four levels: Entry, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced, signaling a shift away from mass examining through a single qualification at 16.

Instead the focus would move to a model where students sit a broader range of examinations and assessments when they are ready for them. The Diploma would become the qualification, with A levels, GCSEs, NVQs and so on as constituent parts of it.

The core learning programme for school based 14-16 year olds will include the statutory elements of the National Curriculum (including, of course, Citizenship) but with a stronger skills focus. Accreditation for Active Citizenship is also an aspect of the Diploma at all levels.

Tomlinson does not propose a curriculum as such but a framework for the evolution of curriculum and qualifications over the next decade.

Prior to submitting a formal response, the Foundation will begin its consultation process at the March First Friday, which will explore the potential impact of Tomlinson’s proposed educational reforms on citizenship.

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