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Marguerite Heath

Programme Director, Go Givers

Photo of Marguerite Heath

Previously a primary school headteacher, Marguerite joined the Citizenship Foundation in January 2005 to develop Go-Givers, our flagship resource for primary schools.

She was a Deputy Head and Acting Headteacher in Brent, before taking up the headship of an urban school in Kent. After five years she moved to her second headship which involved the enormous challenge of amalgamating a Nursery, an Infant and a Junior school into one of the largest Primary Schools in the county.

She was the first Headteacher in Kent to employ a Family Worker, and her school achieved success in pilots for The Basic Skills Quality Mark, Healthy Schools and the Eco Schools Award.

Always at the cutting edge of education, Marguerite went on to become a founder member of the Primary Excellence Project. As an adviser to Headteachers, she again took on the role of change agent, supporting innovation with a particular emphasis on the engagement of all children, and social inclusion within the school setting.

Ever widening her sphere of influence, she later took the opportunity to pass on her skills and experience to the next generation of teachers at Canterbury Christ Church University, who benefited from her distinctive and successful work on implementation of the curriculum using creative problem solving, and enabling children to take greater ownership of their own learning.

She currently finds the development of the national project, Go-Givers, with its aim of broadening and deepening children’s understanding and care for the world they live in, most enjoyable and fulfilling, and considers this area of learning to be essential to the Primary curriculum.

Educational Focus:

• Citizenship in the primary curriculum

• Inclusion/community cohesion

• Managing change

• Creative use of IT to engage learners in the classroom

• How the brain processes information and how this new knowledge can be applied in the classroom.

Educational Resources:

Marguerite conceived and developed the Go-Givers resource. She originated all the learning materials, and is the inspiration behind the web tools on the Go-Givers site.

Marguerite has also developed a set of learning materials entitled ‘Get on with the Game’ for the Premier League.


Heath, M., Rowe, D. and Breslin, T. Citizenship in the Primary Curriculum Jan 2008


‘Prejudice’ ISBN 978-1-4081-1355-4 A & C Black (Headlines series)

‘War and Conflict’ ISBN 978-1-4081-1357-8 A & C Black (Headlines series)

  • Marguerite Heath
  • 50 Featherstone Street , London EC1Y 8RT.
  • Email Marguerite Heath
  • Tel: 020 7566 4148

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