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Michael Maclay

Member of the Advisory Council

Photo of Michael Maclay

Michael joined the Citizenship Foundation in 1993 as a trustee. He was Chair from 2000 until he retired from the board in 2013.

His original involvement with the Foundation came with Maastricht Made Simple, a project to make sense of the very complicated Treaty which paved the way for Europe's single currency. This aimed to equip young people to take an informed view on European unity, making the case both for and against European integration, with a booklet, a half-hour video, and teachers' classroom notes.

Michael has been closely engaged in the Foundation's work in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as its competitions such as the Youth Parliament and the Bar and Magistrates' mock trials.

Professionally, he has been a career diplomat, a TV and newspaper journalist, and a political adviser: to Douglas Hurd as Foreign Secretary and to Carl Bildt as the international community's High Representative in Bosnia.

He is now Chairman of the strategic consultancy Montrose Associates, Senior Adviser to the Franco-British-German Club of Three, and a member of the Advisory Board of the British American Project.

  • Michael Maclay
  • 50 Featherstone Street , London EC1Y 8RT.

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